History Of Bharuch

Bharuch is an ancient city and is the 2nd oldest city of India. It is developed on the holy riverbank of Narmada. Bharuch has too many names from the beginning as ‘Shree Nagar’, ‘Bhrugukutch’, ‘Bharukutch’, ‘Barugaza’, ‘Bharuattch’, and it was finally set as ‘Bharuch’. The Britishers used to call it as ‘Bhadoch’, ‘Bhaduch’, ‘Broach’, etc.

Bharuch is mentioned in the mythological volumes of Hindu religion like ‘Matsya Purana’, ‘Brahmand Purana’ & ‘Markandey Purana’. Bharuch is also mentioned as ‘Bharukutch’ in the ‘Sabha Parva’ of ‘Mahabharat’ and as ‘Bhrugukutch’ in ‘Bhagwat Purana’. According to ‘Skand Purana’ of ‘Reva Khand’, Bhrahmaputra Maharshi Bhrugurishi had established this city on the back of a tortoise at Narmada riverbank on the day of ‘Samvatsar Magh Sud Pancham’ according to Gujarati calendar. In the 1st AD, Bharuch was a big province and the largest port of Western India. The whole commercial import–export business was run over this port by the Britishers to deal with Iran, Rome, Egypt, Arabstan, China and Shilon (Shrilanka).

Bharuch was ruled over by too many emperors in the princely states era. Chandragupta Maurya ruled over here up to 5th century and later it was ruled over by the kings of Gurjar ancestry till 7th century. The time period of 8th to 13th century was said to be an important and very well-known part under the rule of Rajput Emperors. Solanki ancestry’s great emperor Sidhdhraj Jaisinh had built up Kot (fortification) and darvaja (doors) around the whole Bharuch which was known as ‘Malbari Darvaja’. These are renamed as ‘Katopor Darvaja’ and ‘Zadeshwari darvaja’ later. In the first half of 16th century, Bharuch was ruled over by Changez Khan. Then, Mughal king Humayu ruled over in 1534 AD.

The Britishers robbed Bharuch in 1536 and 1546. Commercial warehouses were established in 1616 and 1618 by the Britishers and Dutch (Valanda) respectively. After that, in 1675 & 1686, it is robbed by ‘Maratha’. During this time period, Bharuch was handed over to Kutubuluddin. Mughal king Aurangzeb demolished demolished the fortification and the fort in 1660 by attacking. Later on, he had built it again in 1686. In 1772, the Britishers again attacked on Bharuch with the help of ‘Diwan Lallubhai’ and they got succeed to take the power from ‘Nawab Mojubb Khan’.

There are too many historical monuments and landmarks in present day which represents the history of Bharuch. Bharuch is the place which was withstood during every time trials in the history and it is still standing along on the face of the Earth. No matter what is the situation, time and people, it has always sheltered millions and will do till the end of the world. It has proved that,